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Mappamondo GIS Solutions


Welcome to our project gallery. These are just some examples of the projects and clients we are involved with.

Fishery Analyst Online

Fishery Analyst Online


Keywords: web GIS application, fishery management, fishery analysis

Links: Fishery Analyst Online

Fishery Analyst

Fishery Analyst for ArcGIS Desktop


Keywords: GIS application, fishery management, fishery analysis

Links: Fishery Analyst

Coral project

A survey of the Scleractinia corals within diving depths of Capo Rizzuto Marine Protected Area

Client: Capo Rizzuto Marine Protected Area- Italy


Links: Mediterranean Corals Research

Fishery Analyst

A Geographic Information System to monitor temporal and spatial dynamics of longline fishery catch and effort in the Pacific Ocean.

Client: NOAA Fisheries, Hawaii - USA


Links: Peer reviewd article in the journal Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2006, Pages 1025-1041. Please write us if you wish to receive a pdf of the paper.

Model for dolphin studies

A geoprocessing model to estimate sightings success and abundance of bottlenose dolphins along Italy coastlines.

Client: Genova Aquarium - Italy


GIS for acustic disturbance

Development of a Geographic Information System for acoustic disturbances monitoring.

Client: Genesis, Parma - Italy


geodatabse migration tool

Development of an enterprise geodatabase and migration tools for corporate data

Client: Kadme, Stavanger - Norway


GIS for tourism

Enabling Modena Province Tourism Data Warehouse for web GIS data download for GPS navigation systems

Client: Modena Province- Italy


Forest cover mapping

Updating of forest cover maps from high resolution aerial and satellite images.

Client: Modena Province- Italy


Sea Surfcae Temperature in American Samoa

Using satellite derived SST data to monitor sea temperature in coastal areas of American Samoa.

Client:Department of Marine and Wildlife - American Samoa

Description: This project...

Sea Surfcae Temperature in American Samoa

Optimizing Sea Surface Temperature AVHRR satellite data interpolation using the time variable

Client:James Cook University - Australia


Environmental Monitoring database

Caribbean Environmental Monitoring Database

Client: NOAA NURP - The Bahamas


Bahamas Caves and Kartst database

A database for Caves and Karsts in The Bahamas

Client: Bahamas Cave Foundation, Florida - USA


Benthic and fish surveys database

Telemetry tracking marine fauna and benthic surveys geodatabases.

Client: Caribbean Marine Research Institute - The Bahamas


Great Barrier Reef mapping

Great Barrier Reef wide mapping from Landsat ETM+ satellite data.

Client: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - Australia


Cressi software for outfall mapping

Cressi: Customized software for the census of industrial outfalls.

Client: Emilia Romagna Region - Italy


MapViewer: Software for geographic data visualization and query.

Client: GISForm, Parma - Italy


GIS for landslides monitoring

Maintenance and upgrading landslide WebGIS.

Client: Parma Province - Italy


Po river hydraulic works mapping

A Geographic Information System for hydraulic works in the Po river

Client: Po Watershed Authority, Parma - Italy


GIS for air pollution monitoring

A Geographic Information System to model atmospheric pollutants dispersion.

Client: Environmental Protection Agency, Italy


GIS for pipeline in North Africa

A Geographic Information System to track water pipelines in North Africa.



GIS for birds

Map of birds fauna and protected areas in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Client: Italian birds fauna Protection Agency